“We believe that we, along with those we serve, are longing for depth in a world of shallows; permanence (truth) in a world of change. It takes a special place to accomplish this, the kind of place with people who apprehend the decisive importance of behavior in the real lives of real people. It takes an even more special and courageous firm to espouse behavior modification as both a mission and value proposition. Finally, it takes a very special client to truly heed this behavioral message.

Why? Money or maybe more comprehensively speaking – finances is an entrée or entrance into people’s lives that we understand and is often a source of complexity. Finance and money are pervasive aspects in all areas of people’s lives, and connects everything in some fashion. Starting with finance to explore and expand people’s lives, is a tool we can use in some small way to help people more completely become the best version of themselves.

What? Certainly, We believe the saying “money can’t buy happiness.” However, we also think people can benefit from the realization in this quote from Seneca – “What difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more.” Having money can allow one the resources, including time to work on those more important areas that one may not have.

When? Introducing people to the wisdom of true wealth provides them new momentum to broaden their lives. If and when that happens, they have new energy and a greater life because of it. One of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in life is sharing those little nuggets of wisdom you acquire along the way.”

                                                                                                                                                                 - Patrick Tucker


True Measure is an advisory and management services firm for people who value personal growth as much as financial growth. Our highly individualized experience uses finance and investing as a conduit to a more fulfilling life.


To use finance and investing to explore and expand people’s lives; to help them become the best version of themselves.


Meet the team

Patrick Tucker



Steven Lafleur

Financial Advisor

Thad Hedin

Head of Operations

Tierney Tyan