10 Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Becoming a millionaire may not be your ultimate goal. But everyone wants to enjoy financial freedom and learning where we can easily save money will help us on that journey. So whether you want to be the millionaire next door or just be able to have financial peace, these 10 tips will help you achieve your financial goals.

Mindfulness and Feedback: An Entrepreneurial Advisor’s Best Friends

"I’ve always found it interesting that the financial industry shies away from ‘new age’ concepts like the mind-body connection, spirituality, and enlightenment. Because they’ve been used in meditation practices or in yoga, we somehow have developed the mindset that they don’t belong in the more ‘professional’ realm of financial advising."

The Joys Financial Planners Reap When They Earn Mastery

"Have you ever gotten something really cool that you didn’t deserve? It could be a hefty win on a scratch-off lottery ticket or an award at the office that you know deep down was really the result of someone else’s hard work. How did you feel in this situation? It’s likely that, even if you were initially excited about the prize, that feeling wore off pretty quickly. It’s even possible that a feeling of guilt started to creep in and you didn’t even enjoy the reward.

4 Steps to Adopt Values Guided Budgeting

I’ve realized that like myself we missed out on not just financial literacy but how to view our money. I have four ways that will help you start to think of your money as a tool to create a better life where you spend your money according to what you value. Here are my four steps to start.

Successful Financial Advisors Have This Quality

"What most people don’t realize is that no one really wants to talk about YOU. No matter how cool you are, how well-read you might be, or how much knowledge might be packed into your brain, you’re still far less interesting to the person you’re talking to than they are to themselves."

Why Financial Planners Should Be More Optimistic than Ever

"One of my favorite stories has always been that of Chicken Little. When an acorn falls on the little’s chick’s head, he immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion and begins operating under the assumption—and convincing others—that the sky is falling. Why do I identify so much with Chicken Little’s tale? Because I see this a lot in the financial planning industry.

My Favorite Free Resources to Grow Financial Knowledge

Today we have access to the entire world’s information at our fingertips. It’s not all free but there are plenty of free resources available. In this article, I discuss my favorite free resources that have helped me grow my financial knowledge and I am sure they will also benefit you.

What’s Holding You Back from Going Independent?

"What’s holding you back from striking out on the journey of a lifetime that will help you create a seven-figure business you can be proud of? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to guilt any of you into making a move you’re not ready for. What I am trying to do is identify your personal roadblocks and discover whether or not they are really valid.

10 Books Advisors Can Use to Expand Their Mind and Improve Their Craft

"I’ve talked before in my blogs about being a lifelong learner. Though I know there are many different ways to learn and some may appeal more to you than others depending on your learning style, I still think reading books is important for anyone who wants to expand their mind or improve their craft.

The Sh*t Happens Fund, One of the Most Important Tools When Starting a Family

I have learned how to wrangle children to change their diaper, warm up a baby bottle while trying to appease the older sister and most recently painting a room with two toddlers. One of the most important lessons though has been having our emergency fund, as my dad would say the “sh*t happens fund”.