My Favorite Free Resources to Grow Financial Knowledge

Today we have access to the entire world’s information at our fingertips. It’s not all free but there are plenty of free resources available. In this article, I discuss my favorite free resources that have helped me grow my financial knowledge and I am sure they will also benefit you.

What’s Holding You Back from Going Independent?

"What’s holding you back from striking out on the journey of a lifetime that will help you create a seven-figure business you can be proud of? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to guilt any of you into making a move you’re not ready for. What I am trying to do is identify your personal roadblocks and discover whether or not they are really valid.

10 Books Advisors Can Use to Expand Their Mind and Improve Their Craft

"I’ve talked before in my blogs about being a lifelong learner. Though I know there are many different ways to learn and some may appeal more to you than others depending on your learning style, I still think reading books is important for anyone who wants to expand their mind or improve their craft.

The Sh*t Happens Fund, One of the Most Important Tools When Starting a Family

I have learned how to wrangle children to change their diaper, warm up a baby bottle while trying to appease the older sister and most recently painting a room with two toddlers. One of the most important lessons though has been having our emergency fund, as my dad would say the “sh*t happens fund”.

EQ vs IQ: Which is a Larger Asset to Financial Advisors?

"I’m here to tell you that IQ doesn’t matter all that much when it comes to learning how to be a financial advisor. While that might sit a little better with the second group I mentioned than the first, it really is an awareness that benefits everyone."

You Are Now Trained to Care for Patients, What About Your Finances?

As nurses, you deal with enough stress from doctors, patients and hard hours. You shouldn’t need to deal with the stresses brought to you by student loans as well. These programs can help you take control of your student loans

Who do YOU Know? Building Your Referral Network

"When I say ‘referral network’, many of your minds immediately jump to formal networking groups. Am I right? Do you equate ‘referral group’ with those that meet every Tuesday at noon and cost $500 a year to join?

Is Your Business Overloaded with PITAs?

"When I say PITA, I mean the dreaded Pains In The Ass. Those clients who suck up your time and your energy and never seem to be happy. No matter what industry you’re in, you will undoubtedly have to deal with a few PITAs."