You Are Now Trained to Care for Patients, What About Your Finances?

As nurses, you deal with enough stress from doctors, patients and hard hours. You shouldn’t need to deal with the stresses brought to you by student loans as well. These programs can help you take control of your student loans

Who do YOU Know? Building Your Referral Network

"When I say ‘referral network’, many of your minds immediately jump to formal networking groups. Am I right? Do you equate ‘referral group’ with those that meet every Tuesday at noon and cost $500 a year to join?

Is Your Business Overloaded with PITAs?

"When I say PITA, I mean the dreaded Pains In The Ass. Those clients who suck up your time and your energy and never seem to be happy. No matter what industry you’re in, you will undoubtedly have to deal with a few PITAs."

Productivity Hacks for the Financial Entrepreneur 

"When you work for yourself (and your clients), time is your biggest asset. It’s amazing to me how little value people put on their time. I’ve seen financial planners come into the office and spend their entire mornings readings The Wall Street Journal cover to cover. Before they know it, their entire day is gone and they’ve got nothing to show for it."

Behavior-Based Advising: Train Your Clients to Make More Money

"Timing. Selection of investment products. Identifying what the next big performer will be in the stock market. Do the bosses in your big firm focus on these aspects of client portfolios to achieve success? Do you wonder why they seem to have little effect on your client’s overall financial situation?

Buying a House? Don't Forget to Budget for these 5 Things

I worked in title insurance for three years. During those three years, I learned a lot about the process of purchasing a home including my own experience of purchasing my first house with my wife.

What we learned was that we had no idea how to budget for a house purchase. We had no idea how property taxes and insurance would influence our monthly mortgage. I have come up with four areas to explain why you need to budget for them when purchasing a house.

Using the Mentor Acceleration Formula to Enhance Your Independent Success

"You always hear that you should learn from your mistakes, right? While I don’t disagree with this advice at all, I want you to think about something for a minute. How many mistakes can one person make in a lifetime? Now before you answer A LOT (which is true), think about multiplying those mistakes by five. Or ten. Or even 20. If one person can make (and learn from), say, 500 mistakes in a year, 20 people could learn from 10,000.

4 Areas to Grow in to Create Financial and Holistic Success

We seek success not only financially but also creating a healthy lifestyle that is experience-driven. This is harder to do I believe than it is to talk about. But if we work in the following four areas I believe it is really possible to find our best self and answer the question of how do I become rich.