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The Fee-Only Advisor Model

The Fee-Only Advisor Model: What It Is and Why Your Advisor Should Be Using It Do you know what you pay your financial advisor for every transaction you make? Does this affect your level of trust in them? Do you ever get the feeling you are being ‘sold to’ instead of...

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Know Thyself

The Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Given: Know Thyself   As a financial advisor, I get asked a lot about the best piece of advice I could give someone to help them succeed financially. I think most people who ask this question are expecting a great stock tip or that...

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The Futile Practice of Worrying

One of the mottos I live my life by is that optimism is the only realism. I am, by nature, an optimist, which has created quite a few interesting scenarios in a field that seems to be dominated by pessimists. Many financial planners seem to think that projecting...

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Back to School: Not an Event but an Attitude

“Charlie Munger said “I’m 92 years old and I’m still eliminating ignorance everyday.” If a man of his stature is still eliminating ignorance everyday than I think the average person could find some sort of ignorance to replace with knowledge and wisdom everyday as well.”

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Tips on Becoming Your Best Self (Personally & Financially)

“We believe that finance is an aspect of everyone’s life and that it everything in some way, so by starting with finance, we can explore and expand upon our clients’ lives. We want to help you use financial planning as a tool to help you more completely become the best version of you! 

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