4 Reasons Millennials Should Be Optimistic About The Stock Market

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Whenever I go on LinkedIn, Facebook or my Twitter feed, I see blog posts about how to retire early and live your ideal life. I catch myself talking about my ideal life with my wife, whether it be raising a skiing family in Breckenridge or moving to the country and starting our own farm. But then I remember a few things:

  I have to make enough money to put food on the table for my family, which means ski lift operator is out of question. (Yes, I think it would be cool!)

  Starting a farm that would just feed my family takes a ton of work and knowledge that I don’t have, let alone starting a profitable farm. (really why my Grandma and Grandpa had 10 kids on the farm, free labor)

  I need to save and invest a certain amount of money in the STOCK MARKET to enjoy the next phase of life.

When reading the blog posts about “retiring early” and living the life of your dreams, I see a common theme. The people featured in these blogs all started saving a lot and invested it in the stock market. Most of our generation is still nervous about the stock market, which I get! It totally tanked in 2008. But you know what?  

  The Dow Jones Industrial Average just passed $20,000, which has never been seen before in the history of the stock market. So let’s be realistic about the stock market. Let’s be OPTIMISTS!

  Yes, I am asking you to be an optimist about the stock market. For the millennial generation, the oldest are just entering their upper 30s. Based on the advancement of healthcare and technology, there is a good chance we will live into our 90s. If you want to retire in 30 years, which means age 66 for the older bunch, then you need to understand that the stock market is going to go up over the next 30 years.

  History tells us that it will. 30 years ago in 1987, the Dow Jones Index was priced at $4,685.10. The price has increased $15,314.90 since then.

  Let’s think about what has happened since 1987. We had the tech bubble in the early 90s, the recession at the turn of the century and then the housing bubble we experienced 10 years ago. Yet the Dow just reached its highest point ever.

By being an optimist and invested in the stock market you will be able to retire early or create your own sabbatical. If you want to retire at all someday, you should probably be invested in the stock market. Be an optimist and invest in the stock market. Believe in the ingenuity of your fellow peers who are creating and advancing new technology, processes and policies every day. We are the most educated generation in history. I believe that each of us came out of college smarter and I believe we are going to put our great minds to work to do some serious good in the world.

If you are ready to be an optimist and plan out your ideal life, schedule a call or email me and let’s get started.

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Steven LaFleur grew up in Rapid City, SD and after high school went to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he majored in finance and met his wife Kelly. After college graduation in 2013 working for the family business for three years Steven decided it was time to pursue a passion of his in helping people and their finances. Steven is now a financial advisor at True Measure Wealth Management in Omaha, NE. Steven and his wife Kelly have two daughters who keep them busy at all times of the day. Steven enjoys skiing in the mountains and also biking and golfing during the non-snowy months.